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The closet thing the Bay Area will ever get to 2Pac ever again! Gunna has definitely gone global. The H$C rhyme spitta is as good as he is because he's not just a rapper, he's a student game of life, particularly the dark side of it! When we think about the Yay Area's Hip Hop contribution immediately names like Too Short, E40, Mac Dre and Spice One come to mind all legends who, in their own rights, made an undeniable impact on the rap game. Gunna is cut from that cloth. The lyrical versatility of a stump down pimp fused with the classical stylings of Huey P. Newton and Tookie Williams, @gunngoesglobal [Instagram name] drops track after track of heat rock like "Deathrow," "Fuck U Mean" and the standout trap/pimp/swiping anthem, "Flexin and Finessin" that Gunna stars in along side his partna in crime @semiautocec2pgbg. The Bay area has its champion. 

 [Reviewed by Chief Editor @dawgfacecalderon]
CITY: San Francisco, California {Fillmore}
LABEL: Hear Sound Change Records

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