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Rockstar Lifestyle: Detroit’s Party King’s

The #1 party/club promoter in Detroit is @_.__smoke! This city has never seen 1 person level up it’s night life the way RE-Diddy has! Normally long before a promoter gets to this level he’s taken down under their own weight due to being overly arrogant or just being a plain asshole but, that isn’t the case this time! A top shelf event planner who’s actually more concerned with people enjoying themselves, having genuine good time and being safe than he is with being out front screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”

Never before have the top models, dancers, models, Instafamous celebrities, top DJ’s & overall bad bitches not only from the metropolitan Detroit area but rather from across the country looked at Detroit like it is a major party destination until now. A force to be reckoned with all by his lonely but that’s not it because he has a few cool cats who just as cool as he is; @justinfloyd & @djslick___b!

Two Powerhouses in the own right who have stamped a permanent place on Detroit’s entertainment scene as a premiere event host & DJ, but “Just Blaze” & “Slick” are responsible, in their own way, for making Detroit a cooler place so when they made the decision to check their egos and come together for the greater good of the city it wasn’t a good idea it was the Party God’s realigning the planets and stars so that they could become genuine super hero’s and because they’re the closest thing to certified rock stars Detroit has seen ever (full stop) we’ve decided to feature all three of them on’s Spotlight page for the month of October!

~ Review written by @dawgfacecalderon for the Chief Editor of

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