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Helluva Presents... #Welcome2Detroit (The Compilation...)

Executive Produced By: @helluva313 @turbulence_rj & @dawgfacecalderon

Feautring production EXCLUSIVELY by: @helluva313

#welcome2detroit is @helluva313’s Open Letter to the industry wherein which he is stating that the artists who make the cut and are featured on this project have everything it takes to be SUPERSTARS! It’s true that All Eyes are on Detroit based on the recent successes of @tee_grizzley @bigsean @pnbrock @e40 @chrisbrownofficial @lilyachty @kodakblack @tooshort @snoopdogg etc., etc...

The people who cut the fuckin’ checks now realize that the Detroit Sound can produce REVENUE and so what that means is that it’s our time to shine...

@helluva313 and his ability to Bang Out Hits; (produce, write, inspire artists, engineer) is more responsible for laying down the foundation in Detroit’s modern Hip Hop history, sonically than anybody else.

So, for those people who’re saying, “What’s the BIG DEAL about #Welcome2Detroit?!?” Just ask @kevinlileskwl 🏾- legendary music mogul! He’s paying attention.

And #welcome2detroit ain’t about what rapper got the BIGGEST bag! It’s all about who got the MOST talent @helluva313 is putting his reputation ON THE LINE WITH THIS WHOLE INDUSTRY!