WANDOE - Inside of the Rap Game the cycle goes like this: Every 5 years or so in the game of Hip Hop there comes along someone so different in their delivery and so charismatic in their style that it makes fans of the genre stand up and take notice. The Snoop Dogg's, Gucci Mane's, 50 Cent's, T.I's and Drake's of the world have all been innovator's and games changers in the own rights and now someone needs to call them and tell'em all to make room for one more! Purple Heart Music Group's Wandoe, whose name was burned into the public's consciousness through the rhymes of his former co-defendant Tee Grizzley on hit singles like, "First Day Out" and "No Effort." Recently released from Federal prison - Wandoe has struck out on his own with the specific goal in mind of telling the world the "rest of the story." Hailing from the mean street of Detroit just like Tee [Grizzely] Wandoe job is to give it to ya'll raw an uncut and that's exactly what he does starting with his smash lead single, "The Intro," a song in which he gave the streets the classic line, "All my B@tches said they love me but had babies on me when I was on vacation!" With bars like that and a certified hood anthems like his follow ups to 'The Intro' entiled "Roley" and "Jungle Freestyle," Wandoe not only doesn't doesn't disappoint but, he leaves the listener with a hunger for more. Follow his wave on Instagram: @wandoe_ and check out his music EVERY WHERE MUSIC IS SOLD!!!