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Who's Hot: Mookboy

Mookboy Photo.jpg

Right out the M@thf#ckin' gate, Mookboy -bka- "The Fly Goon" impressed every member of the @planetrockdjs squad with his non typical approach to the rap game. When you think Florida, no matter the city, you think about the movie Scarface which was set in the early 1980's during the influx of Cuban refugees unleashed on the state of Florida by then ruler Fidel Castro. Florida has had its fair share of Port of "Something" rappers hit the music scene with vivid descriptions of the lifestyle of Cocaine Cowboys, but not Mookboy. Raised in obvious poverty the Fly Goon spins tales of Ghetto livin' into lyrical master pieces. It's about the dope game. It's about the playa shit. It's about the struggle. It's about everything that nobody in Orlando wants to really talk about. In the classic song "UGLY" featuring Lil Boosie, Mookboy opines about how the people around him got ghost when things in his life went south. "My bitch slid on me when my shit got ugly/went thru some shit and wasn't nobody there to hug me!" We now know that Orlando ain't just Disney World!

 [Reviewed by Assistant Editor T. Lee -aka- @torranceleesr]
CITY: West Orlando, FL
Label: FGMG